Above the Clouds
Year:  2018
Running Time:  87 minutes
Country:  United Kingdom
Genre:  Comedy
Venue:  Playhouse Theater [40 Main Street]
Cast:  Naomi Morris, Andrew Murton, Philip Jackson, Cordelia Bugeja, Glen McCready, Gordon Kennedy
Showtime:   Sunday, April 14, 2019 @ 08:45 PM
Director:  Leon Chambers

  When headstrong Charlie discovers her parents have been keeping her biological father secret from her, she does what any 18-year old would do – recruit a rough sleeper to be her‘responsible adult’ and sets off for Scotland on her provisional driving license to go and find him.

As they approach their destination, Charlie begins to realize her responsible adult is not what he seems. Their journey has reopened old wounds, and now he doesn’t feel he can go on. But Charlie is determined to reach her father, and after misleading Oz to get them to William’s village, she sets off to find him on her own. William is surprised to find a young woman in his house, but they hit it off immediately over their shared love of all things artistic. Charlie keeps her identity a secret as he shows her some of his latest work, and she starts to feel a connection between them...

Director Statement:

Above The Clouds was the idea that just wouldn’t go away. The title came to me after taking off from rainy London and staring out at bright blue skies for the entire flight, before landing in an equally rainy New York. Charlie’s quest for her real father always wanted to be a road movie, and in the UK the longest road movie possible is from a southern seaside town to a remote Scottish island, taking only A-roads because the hero only has a provisional licence. A friend who worked for a homeless charity described to me how important having ID such as a driving licence is to access support and get into shelters - and our odd couple was born. I had a crack at writing a script myself, and worked with another writer before Simon (who I was working with on another feature script) asked to read Clouds and wrote back so excited by the premise that I decided to bring him on to the project. After substantial rewriting, and reimagining the third act, we had interest from several producers in the UK and the US, but because it was neither a gritty festival film nor a big, broad family comedy, no one was able to raise the level of finance needed to make it the traditional way.

The result belies the micro-budget label, with Alexa Mini footage, Steadicam shots, the epic vistas of the Isle of Skye. We shot scenes featuring actor Philip Jackson (My Week with Marilyn, Peterloo, Poirot ) at the start of the following year, and then in May we returned to the Scottish highlands to shoot B-unit footage with the little yellow car. Looking at the edit, the thing that brings the film alive for me is the relationship between Oz and Charlie, played beautifully by Andrew and Naomi Morris. They are the heart of the story, the odd couple I always imagined, and I can’t wait for everyone else to fall in love with them too.

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