Turkish Folk Dance @ TIFF
Description:   Yore Folk Dance Ensemble will perform on Thursday, March 18 at the Opening Gala at the Corinthian Yacht Club, 43 Main Street in Tiburon.

To purchase your tickets please call (415) 789-8854 or stop by the festival office: 1680 Tiburon Blvd., in Tiburon or at the door.

Yore Folk Dance Ensemble, is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization since November 2005. Yore Folk Dance Ensemble has become a rapidly expanding Turkish ethnic dance group in California with its emphasis on teaching dance enthusiast by relying on the motivation and leadership of highly qualified and experienced folk dance performers as instructors and peers.

Having formed a strong base of dancers and an audience of all ethnic backgrounds, Yore has evolved into an institution that is ready to support all kinds of ethnic cultural activities from Turkey. The objective of the group is organizing major shows, showcasing dances from various regions of Turkey, researching hidden cultural dances of Anatolia, and participating in local and international festivals. Currently, Yore dance and music group continues its weekly practices in Stanford, Berkeley and San Francisco.

In it’s fifth year of non-profit operation, Yore secured one of 24 slots out of nearly 120 dance companies and made its debut in the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004. ( Yore organized many shows since March 2004. Such as"Anatolian Spirit: The Journey of Dance", at Pleasanton/California ( “Moon Fire/Anatolian Rhythms” in San Francisco, “Anatolian Rhythms” in Roda theater Berkeley, CA, “Semah” Julia Morgan Art Center, Berkeley, CA.

Beginning of the 2009 Yore started concert organization in the Bay Area. Internationally known artists Sertab Erener – Demir Demirkan “ Painted on Water” and MFO Concert has been performed at Fox Theater, Redwood City, CA. Recently, Husnu Senlendirici Concert held on SOMArt Cultural center, San Francisco.

As a part of our celebrated diversity in the Bay Area, communities are desperately seeking for sources to learn more about the rich Turkish culture. We would like to conclude by expressing our warmest thanks to you for your support to Yore and the Northern California community it serves: Yore Folk Dance Ensemble ~ ~ PO Box 954, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Choreography: Mehpare Pam Askin
Musicians: Solo Dilber Duran, Saz Players Serkan Dinc & Yasar Cinkilic
Solo dancers: Ozan Anac - Miray Simsek
Dancers: Emine Saritas, Tolga Cukur, Deniz Askin, Arif Cam, Berrin Yilmaz, Serah Hook, Defne Gun, Gizem Elenur Isik, Ilgin Guler, Pinar Bailey.

Photos: Tayfun Coskun Website

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