2009 Filmmakers Expected to Attend...
Description:  Many filmmakers will be attending the festival. The following is a partial list of who is attending. Please check back periodically for updates.


Haskel Wexler (Cinematographer/Director) Medium Cool
George Lucas (Director) Star Wars
Filip Renc (Director) Guard No. 47 [Czech Republic] - Opening Film
Karel Roden (Actor) Guard No.47 [Czech Republic] - Opening Film
Sara Sackner (Producer) Infinite Space
Anna Thomas (Producer) Infinite Space
Bernard Robert-Charrue (Director) Paraíba My Love [Switzeland]
Henri Guareschi (Cinematographer) Paraíba My Love [Switzeland]
Tim Robert-Charrue (Editor) Paraíba My Love [Switzeland]
Magali Robert-Charrue (Assistant editor) Paraíba My Love [Switzeland]
Nadezhda Kopytina (Producer) Vanechka [Russia]
Cass Warner (Director) The Brothers Warner
Ted Adams - The Brothers Warner
Lee & Peter White - The Brothers Warner
Jeff Jensen (Director) The First, Last Race
John Stewart Muller (Director/co-writer) Fling
Laura Boersma (Producer/co-writer) Fling
Shoshana Bush (Actress) Fling
Keylee Sanders (Costume Designer) Fling
Frederick Schroeder (DP) Fling
Tomas Barina (Director) The Grapes [Czech Republic]
Adam Dvorak (Producer) The Grapes [Czech Republic]
Brian Rasmussen (Director) Fencleline
Travis Schoen (Producer) Fencleline
Nick Scoggin (Actor) Fencleline
Charlene Music (Director) Before the Sea
Mario Ingargiola (Actor) Before the Sea
Nicola Ingargiola (Actor) Before the Sea
Paul Burke (Director) Last Thoughts
Mike Stern (Writer Director) Distraxion
Scott Trosclair (Lighter) Distraxion
Jen Lai (Producer) Distraxion
Christy Chan (Director) Wash n' Fold
Dave McGrath (Director) We All Bleed Red
Zac Petrillo (Director) Significant Other
Ian Coad (Cinematographer) Significant Other
Chelsea Kammeyer (Editor) Significant Other
Visra Vichit-Vadakan (Director) Fall
Stephen Ujlaki (Producer) Ripley Under Ground
Laurence Arcadias (Director) Dust Off & Cowboy Up!
Chris Jones (Writer/Director) Gone Fishing
Stephan Lamby (Director) Henry Kissinger - Secrets of a Superpower [Germany]
Flavio Alves (Director) Even in My Dreams
Cliff Traiman (Director) Sometimes We Hum
Dorian Brockington (Actor) Sometimes We Hum
Joseph Mendoza (Producer) Sometimes We Hum
Laurent Malaquais (Director) No Art On $2 A Day
Patrick McCarthy - No Art On $2 A Day
Jonathan Taylor (Director) Four Minutes til Noon
Antonio DiVerdis (Director/writer/producer) South of the Moon
Rosina Bucci (Co-producer) South of the Moon
Cheryl Furjanic (Director) Sync Or Swim
Linda Richard (Director) Columbarium
Ed Dudkowski (Cinematographer/Editor) Columbarium
F Stone Roberts (Director) Splitting Hairs
Matt Ogden (Editor) Splitting Hairs
Kyle Parsons (Field Producer) Splitting Hairs
Alex Fazeli (Director) In the Dark
Maz Jobrani (Actor) In the Dark
Sarah Fazeli (Actress) In the Dark
Rebecca L. Brown (Producer) In the Dark
Gary Marks (Director) Dream Havana
Mark Jwayad (Director) Jackson
Matthew Jwayad (Executive Producer) Jackson
William Prescott (Producer) Jackson
Andrea Topper (Producer) Jackson
Claes Olsson (Director & Poducer) Colorado Avenue [Finland]
Nicke Lignell (Main Actor) Colorado Avenue [Finland]
Joe Chow (Director) Seventeen [China]
Jun Ni (Writer) Seventeen [China]
Alfred Dong (Agent) Seventeen [China]
Emile Bokaer (Director) Looking Back
Carolina Kondo (Production Assistant) Looking Back
Albert Lewis (Actor) Looking Back
Dorothy Lyman (Director) Split Ends
Kate Russo (Cast) Split Ends
Melissa Sweeney (Co-writer) Split Ends
Geert Droppers (Producer) Gimme A Hug [Netherlands]
Ross Cohen (Director) Last Day
Erick Oh (Director) Symphony
Shaun Donahue (Director) My Pen Pal: An African Adventure
Noah Schlager (Director) Our Bay
Christopher j. Ewing (Director) Crackle and Space
Shuvayu Kanjilal (Producer) Crackle and Space
Swati Chakraborty (Assistant Producer) Crackle and Space
Gabriel Raffaelli (Actor) Crackle and Space
Ilana TurnerCrackle (Actress) Crackle and Space
Daniel Roberto Mendoza (Director) Familiar Voices
Hwa-Jun Lee (Director) A Green Mountain in the Drawer
Erica Flianc (Producer) A Green Mountain in the Drawer
Weimin Zhang (DP) A Green Mountain in the Drawer
Gerd Conradt (Director) Colour Test.6 [Germany]
Philip Green (Cinematographer) Lift
Virginia Green (Agent) Lift
Stacy Harrison (Director) Last Chance Romance [UK]
Sandra Schäfer (Director) Passing the Rainbow [Germany]
Sabrina Guigli & Riccardo Stefani (Directors) Above the Clouds [Italy]
Carolyn Travis (Producer/Director) Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio
Chris Gilson (Producer/Director) Airplay: The Rise and Fall of Rock Radio

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