Wes Brown & T.J. Barrack
Wes Brown

Wes Brown has been working in films for nearly a decade, but filmmaking has been around him his whole life. Wes is the third generation of the legendary Brown film family. His grandfather, filmmaker Bruce Brown, created the classic Endless Summer and On Any Sunday film franchises, and his father Dana Brown is the director of the recent hit "Step into Liquid". Wes first worked on "The Endless Summer II" with both of the senior Browns, and "Step into Liquid" for which he was an assistant writer and editor. It was only natural that after assisting on so many creative and successful endeavors that he would follow in the family's footsteps and become a filmmaker himself. (Uncle Wade Brown creates music for film projects as well.) In 2003, he and his partner T.J. Barrack started a production company of their own called "Little House Productions". Their first release, "Islands in the Stream ", which he and T.J. directed and produced, is a tribute to his grandfather and proudly carries on the film legacy of the Brown family. This surfing adventure was shot on location in and around the island of Tahiti and features such surfing luminaries as six time women's world champion Layne Beachley, and three time men's world champion Tom Curren, among many others. The legacy of the Brown film family looks secure indeed.

T.J. Barrack

T.J. Barrack is a native of the beautiful, and always sunny, Santa Ynez, California. After high school he moved to Los Angeles and attended the University of Southern California from which he graduated, receiving a BA in English and Creative writing. Following graduation, he worked for Colony Capital, a Los Angeles based Investment firm, where he produced videos used for marketing and fundraising worldwide. In 2003, he and his partner Wes Brown, both still in their early 20's, formed Little House Productions. Their first film, which they produced and directed, is the surfing saga "Islands in the Stream ", which was shot on location in and around the beautiful tropical paradise of Tahiti. It follows a group of world-class surfers, world champions Tom Curren and Layne Beachley among them, on their island-hopping quest for the ultimate wave. This is, no doubt, just the first of many wonderful films to come from this talented writer and director.

Islands in the Stream
Peel: The Peru Project

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