Mark Teitelman
Mark’s television adventure began back in 1992, after he graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles. As a college baseball pitcher, he yearned to land a job that gave him the same rush as throwing a fastball right past the opponent’s powerful cleanup hitter. So after a few months in the sports department at KTLA Channel 5 in Hollywood, Mark found himself headed east for a Production Assistant job with ESPN’s SportsCenter. Nine months of toiling in the bowels of highlight hell later, he knew he wanted something a lot more challenging, so Mark accepted a job in the Remote Department, working on the Sunday Night NFL telecasts. Soon he was going on the road every week as the shows graphic’s producer and then in 1997, he became the Replay and Opening Tease Director. This meant that no only would Mark be in charge of all the replays during live game telecasts, but that he was also responsible for the weekly production of each telecast’s show open.

It was with this new responsibility that his passion for directing really surfaced. He soon realized that he enjoyed the weekly challenge of creating an entertaining ninety-second spot, much more than the actual live production of the game. In 2001, Mark made the move from ESPN to ABC’s Monday Night Football program, where he now heads into his fourth season as the show’s Replay and Opening Tease Director.

The vast majority of his directing experience has taken place over the past six years. Because of the high profile nature of Monday Night Football, Mark has been especially fortunate to work with some very successful and brilliant actors, including Dennis Hopper, Jennifer Garner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leslie Nielson, John Travolta, Jim Belushi, Sylvester Stallone and Dennis Franz just to name a few. As a co-creator and producer of these spots, Mark is also responsible for the post-production process so he has been able to immerse himself in the multi-textured world of Avid, Stratosphere, Flame, Smoke, and Inferno.

For the past two years, Mark has been directing commercial spots as well as short film for ESPN, in addition to the weekly Monday Night Football teasers. His abilities go beyond sports in the commercial realm, although he will always have an affinity for anything to combining athletics and television. His achievements have awarded him four Sports Emmy Awards and numerous accolades from his colleagues and fans.

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