Malika Zairi
Malika Zairi, was born in 1973 in Paris from Moroccan immigrant parents and has dual nationality (French and Moroccan). Coming from a family of 9 children, 3 sisters and 5 brothers, she always liked to write. When she was a child, she was already a public writer. "I was reading and translating for my parents, invoices, letters coming home. Social relations have always interested me. So, I became a social worker. I spent more than 15 years to work for the French Governement as social worker. My missions were essentially to help the poor, needy families, abused children and women. I also had teaching assignments to teenagers in difficulties. After raising my children, I decided to follow my social work across another way. Make a movie is a wonderful tool to do social work differently to get my messages out. I decided to write the story of my brother, and I made my first short film on the theme of schizophrenia across some real situations. "From one World to another one – schizophrenia inside society" is a social fiction, drama, to alert consciences about this evolving disease.

“From one World to another one" was selected in many Festivals: Socially engaged, I decided to continue my work in filmmaking and I realized in 2016 a second short film, which is called: "Mohamed, The First Name". I chose to make my second short film as part of a comic fiction because the subject is very engaging. This short film suggests a message of peace between all religions and shows that this is not the name that makes the person but what she has inside her. He comes to bring a message of peace in times of amalgam that exist in the West about Islam perceived as a "terrorist" religion and generates Islamophobia.

My short film “Mohamed, The First-Name” has been selected in more than 40 festivals around the World. He is at Unifrance and Short films Agency of Paris too. I won 5 awards: 2 in Iran (best short film, best short screeplay) one in Italy (, best short script, one in Indonésia (best international short film of excellence), one in Canada (Best short film) I wish to continue in the creation of social films. I 'm currently in progress with a third film called “My France.”

Mohamed, the First Name

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