Dale Hildebrand
Producer, director, cinematographer and writer Dale Hildebrand grew up on a small Mennonite farm on the Canadian prairies. A simple setting with no running water, a single hand pump, a cash-and-carry toilet, and four older sisters - one of which was born in a horse-drawn sleigh during a -40º blizzard. Although their nearest neighbor was a mile away, it was a social life filled with humour, humility, ingenuity, and a profound appreciation of the vast world we live in. It was here that Dale’s imagination was sparked, his appreciation of people developed, and his inquisitiveness to seek out a basic human goodness, that exists in all walks of life, was fueled.

At 17 he left home to seek out his path and by the time he graduated from York University’s film program he had already traveled to 20 different countries.

Upon his entry into the industry, Dale applied himself to learning as many filmmaking trades and crafts as possible, in order to apply that knowledge to his own films. After producing a number of low budget action films for Universal pictures and a handful of Canadian production companies, Dale started his own independent production company and began telling stories in a voice that is uniquely his own. A voice he credits to the inspirational filmmaking styles and editing techniques used in “Koyanasquatsi” by Godfrey Reggio, “Baraka” by Ron Fricke, “The American Friend” by Wim Wenders, “The Conversation” by Francis Ford Coppola, and the impeccably grand brushstrokes of David Lean.

Dale has three feature film scripts currently under option in Hollywood, and following his passion for filming diverse cultures from around the world, Dale’s project “Peace” won the Banff television HDTV pitchfest. Combining his expertise with musicians such as Loreena McKennitt and organizations such as the International Institute of Child’s Rights and Development (with whom he has produced several documentaries on Child rights in association with the United Nations), Dale will be filming in 32 different countries focusing on cultures of peace and humanities global interconnectedness.

Dale’s most recent release, “T O in 2 4” is a heart-project that stylistically speaks in the language he has been nurturing from the beginning – a profound portrait of humanity, delivered through a visually stunning style that touches the heart.

T O in 2 4

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