Youssef Chahine
Youssef Chahine earned the title "the pioneer of social realism" in Egyptian cinema. His country once had the fourth largest film industry in the world; and it has been an important tool in securing Egypt's cultural dominance in the Arabic-speaking world since the 1920s.

Chahine was born on 25 January 1926 in Alexandria. Sahine was a sacred giant of world cinema and an emblematic figure of the Arab world. During his long and contentious career he directed some 40 films, many of which incited criticism and controversy. His body of work was both intimate and politically engaged often speaking for those "afraid to protest.

He has deservedly won a number of prestigious awards among which are the Golden Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival for The Choice (El Ikhtiyr) in 1970, the Berlin Grand Jury Prize for Alexandria.. Why? (Iskandariyyah lh) in 1978 and a Lifetime Achievement Award on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. He has also been awarded 3 doctorates: the first from Paris VIII University in 1997, the second from the American University in Cairo in 2002, and the third from Marseille Summer University in 2002. He has been decorated 12 times with the order of Commander of the Arts and Letters by Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and France. Moreover, a major highway in Zahl in Lebanon is named after him.

Yousef Chahine, who was known for exploring politics, sexuality and family life, and discovered actor Omar Sharif, passed away on July 27, 2008 in Cairo at the age of 82.


1944: School Life (He made this film when he was a student in Victoria College in Alexandria.)
1950: Daddy Amin (Bb amn)
1951: Son of the Nile (Ibn el nl)
1952: The Great Clown (El mouharrig el kabr)
1952: The Lady of the Train (Sayyidet el qitr)
1953: Only Women (Nis bil rigl)
1954: The Blazing Sun (Sir f-l-wd)
1954: The Demon of the Desert (Chytn el sahr)
1956: Dark Waters (Sir f-l-mn)
1957: Farewell my Love (Waddatou houbbak)
1957: My One and Only Love (Anta habb)
1958: Cairo Station (Bb el hadd)
1958: Jamila the Algerian (Gamlah)
1959: Forever Yours (Houb il el-abad)
1960: Only You (Bein dek)
1961: Lovers Complaint (Nid el ouchq)
1961: A Man in my Life (Ragol f hayt)
1963: Saladin (El Nsir Salah Eddine)
1964: Dawn of a New Day (Fagr Yawm gadd)
1965: The Ring Seller (Bayaa el Khawatem)
1966: Golden Sands (Riml min Dahab)
1968: Once upon a time the Nile (El Nl wa-l-haya)
1969: The Land (El Ard)
1970: The Choice (El Ikhtiyr)
1973: The Sparrow (El Osfour)
1976: Return of the Prodigal Son (Awdat el-ibn el dll)
1978: Alexandria, Why? (Iskandariyyah lh)
1982: An Egyptian Story (Haddoutah masriyyah)
1984: Adieu Bonaparte (Wadan Bonaparte)
1986: The Sixth Day (El Yawm el Sdis)
1989: Alexandria Again and Forever (Iskandariyyah Kamn we Kamn)
1994: The Emigrant (El Mouhguir)
1997: Destiny (El Massr)
1998: Its Only One Step (Kolaha Khatwah)
1999: The Other (El khar)
2001: Silence.. We're rolling (Sokout.. ha nesawar)
2002: 110901 (In collaboration with eleven directors)
2004: Alexandria - NewYork (IskandariyyahNewYork)
2007: What a Mess! (Heya fwda)

Alexandria - New York

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